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Hello, I am Catherine, a baby whisperer, artist, storyteller and a mother of two children.  Tickle Toes was a concept, started when I took photo of my lovely princess in 2011, the year when she came to this beautiful world.  It helps me to cherish and share every single second of her by taking photo.


Why new-born photography?  Because of a very simple reason, I love babies :).  The best moment of capturing new born photograph is 5 to 15 days, one of the most incredible and gorgeously time of life that should never forget, the baby curls up just like the baby is still inside your belly.

This hobby has eventually turned into a passionate business, or I would say still a hobby that allows me to share the happiness with all the parents.  It is great to be there to capture this special time for you.

Allow me to say thank you to my professional teachers Jade Gao And Kelly Brown, I have learnt so much from them.

Photography style of mine, real, emotional and timeless.



Baby safety is our priority, Tickle Toes has spent years to study new-born safety.  Beautiful photograph of your baby will be handled with care and shot by experienced photographer who has knowledge about new-born safety and know about how to comfortably pose babies.  The on-site photographing service will be handled by a team of two, while one is taking photo, another one will be right there next to your baby.

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